Implementation of Cooperative Learning Models Can Improve Student Learning Outcomes in Class V Animal Lifestyle Materials of SD Negeri 02 Kebagusan

Krispita Evalia


Science learning outcomes for grade V SD Negeri 02 Kebagusan are still low. This is due to the less interesting teaching and learning process. So that the students do not understand the material in science material about the life cycle of animals. Efforts that can be made by the teacher so that the teaching and learning process is fun is that the teacher must use various learning models that attract students.These low learning outcomes cause problems that must be solved by using cooperative learning models to improve student learning outcomes. To improve student learning outcomes it is used to improve the learning process through research using planning, implementation, observation, and reflection steps. From that reflection, the repair process was carried out. From the results of the improvement of the learning process for 2 cycles, it turns out that the use of the cooperative learning model can improve the learning outcomes of class V SD Negeri 02 Kebagusan. It can be seen that the learning outcomes in cycle 1 increased 71% and cycle II increased to 83%.To improve teacher learning outcomes can use cooperative learning models in science learning in class V


Learning outcomes, cooperative learning models, science

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