Improving Indonesian Language Learning Results Concerning Explanation Text Through Discussion Method in Class VI SD Negeri Danasri Kidul 02

Fatimah Fatimah


The purpose of this study was to determine the effect of using discussion methods on student learning outcomes. This research was conducted through a cycle assessment process consisting of four stages (planning, implementing, observing, and reflecting) in three cycles of learning improvement. Cycle I was carried out on Monday, October 26, 2020, cycle II was held on Monday November 2, 2020 and cycle III was carried out on Friday November 20, 2020. From the results of the analysis of the conclusions obtained from this study: Use of the discussion method in Indonesian language learning The subject matter of explanatory text is proven to improve student learning outcomes, the average formative test in the initial conditions is 55, in cycle I it increases to 74.33, in cycle II it increases again to 82.5 and in cycle III it increases again to 88.63 . Completeness of student learning has increased from the initial conditions 33.33% increased in cycle I to 50%, increased again in cycle II to 66.67 and increased again in cycle III to 100%.


Discussion, Indonesian, learning outcomes.

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