Improving IPA Learning Performance Through Contextual Teaching And Learning (CTL) Model With Audiovisual Media In Grade V Students

Noviatun Noviatun


This research aims to improve the learning achievement of IPA through ctl models. The subject of the study was grade V students of Mecca Elementary School IT Permata Hati a total of 30 students. This form of research is Class Action Research (PTK). This research process is carried out in three cycles, each cycle consisting of four stages, namely: planning, action, observation, and reflection. Data collection techniques are used through observation and tests. Data analysis techniques using quantitative data. The results showed an improvement. Ipa learning achievement of grade V students mecca before there are 11 students (37%) scores below KKM and only 19 students (63%) value above the KKM. In Cycle I, 21 students completed their studies (70%) and 9 uncompleted students (30 %), in cycle II as many as 22 students completed (73 %) and 8 uncompleted students (27%). This proves that using CTL strategies can improve students IPA learning achievement.


IPA learning achievements, Contextual Learning

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