Peningkatan Keterampilan Menyimak Cerita Anak Melalui Media Film Kartun Pada Siswa Kelas IV SDIT Al Anwar

Try Emawati


This research attempts to find the effectiveness of using cartoons as medium for student’s listening. By using Classroom Action Research with Kemmis and McTaggart style, the performed steps of research are planning, action implementation, and observation, also reflection. The research is conducted in two cycles.

The research results in the student's initial capability test that is completed 50%. Later the action implementation discovers that the student’s results in listening to stories is about 66.67% completed. Then through the post-test, the 2nd cycle of the research shows that the student’s results in listening to stories is about 98% done.

Based on the comparison of those result numbers, it would be expressed that the post-test result in 2nd cycle is experiencing completeness in the study results of students. Using cartoon media in listening to lesson to stories will be able to increase the study result of students of class IV SDIT Al-Anwar.


Listening Skill, Cartoon Media

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