An Interactive Web-Gis Development for Risk Tsunami Hazard Potential Information In Pangandaran Village West Java

Juan Andrian, Arif Ismail, Iwan Setiawan, Shafira Himayah


In 2006, a tsunami disaster occurred on the coast of Pangandaran Regency which claimed up to 664 fatalities. A large number of people died due to lack of information in knowing areas that are prone to tsunami disasters. Therefore, a geographic information system for the tsunami disaster is needed to facilitate the Pangandaran community to find out areas that are prone to tsunami disasters. In making a geographic information system web tsunami disaster using GeoServer, PostgreSQL and LeafletJS. Making a geographic information system web is done in several ways, namely, entering shapefile data into a database and then displaying it on a map server. The results of creating a web of the tsunami geographic information system contain information on land use, public facilities, hamlet boundaries, road networks, river networks and tsunami disaster mitigation.


pangandaran, tsunami, leaflet, geoserver, postgresql

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