Implementation of Entrepreneurship Education in Forming The Character of Entrepreneurship at Muhammadiyah Kebumen Elementary School

Syifa Lailatul Mutmainnah, Nurlia Agustin, Widia Indra Kartika, Moh Salimi


This study aims to determine the entrepreneurship education strategy carried out by schools in shaping entrepreneurial character at SD Muhammadiyah Kebumen in order to be able to help students gain knowledge about entrepreneurship from an early age. This research is a qualitative descriptive study conducted at SD Muhammadiyah Kebumen. Data collection methods used, namely observation, interviews, and questionnaires. The results of this study indicate: (1) educational strategies at SD Muhammadiyah Kebumen in the formation of entrepreneurial character through entrepreneurship education integrated with learning, namely Preparing educators with entrepreneurial spirit through Market Day activities, Extracurricular Entrepreneurship, and Entrepreneurship Exhibitions and the formation of Entrepreneurial Educators. Entrepreneurship by Developing learning tools, Providing Continuing Entrepreneurship Education and Training for Educators, and Appreciation; (2) the results of the formation of entrepreneurial character through entrepreneurship education stated that the honesty aspect reached 81%, the self-confidence aspect reached 85%, the competitive aspect was 81%, the creative aspect was 83%, the aspect of future orientation was 80% and the aspect of orientation was 77%


Entrepreneurship Education, Entrepreneurship Character, Elementary School

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