The Concept of Democratic Parenting and Impact for Elementary School Ages

Neni Dewi Anggraeni, Maya Jayanti, Fadli Syahrizal


As a basis for the formation of children's behavior, parents need appropriate parenting to educate their children. One parenting that has a good impact on elementary school age children is democratic parenting. This article is structured with the aim of describing the basic concepts of democratic parenting and their impact on elementary school age children. This study uses the literature study method using journals and other relevant sources. The results of this study indicate that: (1) Democratic parenting is a parenting that gives freedom to children to act according to their wishes within the limits of the rules set and agreed upon between parents and children; (2) Democratic parenting has a good impact on elementary school age children such as emotional intelligence, student creativity, and discipline.


Parenting, Democratic, Elementary School

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