Implementation of Counseling Guidance Services on Social Ethics in Students of Class V SDN 1 Kebumen

Nanda Eka Saputri, Steffina Indri Hapsari, Usvah Istikomah, Moh Salimi


This Research aims to identify the implementation of counseling services to the ethics of Grade 5 students at SD N 1 Kebumen 2019/2020 amounting to 39 students. This Research uses a quantitative descriptive approach with a survey method of dividing the type of closed poll in which there is an alternative answer in the form of  "Yes " or  "no " and a qualitative descriptive approach with data collection methods Interview to The teacher to get more information. The Research indicators of social ethics include manners, empathy, atmosphere and hangout, honesty and order. The collected Data is analyzed using the percentage analysis. The results showed that students  association ethics belong to very high criteria with a percentage of 87.17% (34 students) while the criteria are as high as 12.8% (5 students). Conclusion of this research is the ethical Skills of Students ' Association is good because the percentage of research results is calculated high and the results of interviews with class parents on the service of BK is effective. In connection with this research, counseling services have an effect on the level of social ethics in students


Ethics, social relations, counseling services

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