Moral Guidance Models of Students in SMK Ma'arif 1 Kebumen

Mugiarto Mugiarto


Adolescence is the golden period for the students. Therefore, the school as an institution of public education to foster in terms of cognitive, psychomotor and affective must be able to see the symptoms change in adolescence all want to know and want to try. The purpose of this study is to describe and learn about moral guidance models in SMK ma'arif 1 Kebumen. The method used in this research is observation, interview and documentation. Form of business that is done school in Moral guidance in SMK ma'arif 1 Kebumen is with a wide variety of activities such as the application of An-Nahdiyah, that is all the action that is rooted in the permission of ahlu sunnah wal jama'ah and extracurricular activities. So it can be concluded, moral guidance, moral and ethics students should continue to be made in istikomah to be the media in shaping the character and morals of students in SMK ma'arif 1 Kebumen.


Model, Moral Guidance, Students

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