Learn to Math With The Singing Method (Implementation of PPM Activities in SDN Kalipetir 2)

Novy Trisnani


One way to improve the process of student learning activities in mathematics is to package learning material through creative techniques, for example by singing or singing. The purpose of this PPM activity is to increase participants' insights about learning mathematics with the singing method so that it can improve the process of learning mathematics. The subjects of the training activities are classroom teachers and mathematics subject teachers at SD Negeri 2 Kalipetir. These service activities are carried out through the planning, implementation (presentation of material, singing practice, making mathematical songs), and evaluation. From the results of the evaluation of activities, more than 75% of teachers gave a positive value to the service activities. PPM activities have a great benefit and meaning for the service participants. PPM activities have a significant contribution to 1) improve competence and open insight into the devotion of participants 2) train devotional participants to create mathematical songs according to the material to be taught, and 3) increase motivation of devotion participants to further optimize the process of learning mathematics.


learning mathematics, singing method

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