Siti Irene Astuti Dwiningrum


Disruption becomes a social phenomenon that occurs in society in the industrial revolution 4.0 era. However, the educational system in Indonesia has yet to reach education 4.0 standards, which causes more complexity in education-related problems in Indonesia. Moreover, the inequality in education quality and standards has become a tough challenge in building educational system in this era of disruption. Here, the culture-based education to face the challenge of the disruption era can be designed by integrating character education and multicultural education to develop four competencies of students in the education 4.0 era: critical thinking, communication, collaboration, creativity, and innovation. Furthermore, in the proposed education system, teachers must be able to change the fixed-mindset to growth-mindset as a capital to change the paradigm of education to successfully adapt to the era of digitalization and the internet of thing. This is supported by the characteristics that must be possessed by teachers in this era: creative & innovative, able to conduct multiliteracy pegagogical method, high personal quality, optimal competence, professional, resilient, never give up attitude, honest, discipline, high tolerance, and self confidence. With those characteristics teachers will play a greater role in educating students who are ready to face the disruption era, and making disruption as the future and opportunity to innovate and improve the quality of education.

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