Review: Teknik Manufaktur Komposit Hijau dan Aplikasinya

R. Hari Setyanto


In the last decade, natural fiber composite with thermoplastic and thermoset matrix has been applied by various industrial sectors in different parts of the world. Natural fibers such as kenaf, hemp, jute, and sisal provide various benefits such as reduction in the total product cost, reducing the dependence of products derived from petroleum, and can be recycled. This paper describes the idea of the kind and nature of green materials, the fiber use, method of manufacturing composite and green composite board manufacturing, and applications. Green composites emerging as a realistic alternative as a substitute for glass fiber reinforced composites and environmentally friendly, because the green composites from renewable resources, and material costs can be reduced on a large scale. The conclusion of this paper that the green composite is an important guide for producers of agricultural products, agricultural institutions, automotive companies, composite producers and material scientists. All dedicated to introducing environmentally friendly materials, production methods and applications.


Green composites; bio-composites; manufacturing; applications

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