Ana Wahyuni


This paper attempts to explain the features pemustaka Android and response to
services in Surakarta Muhammadiyah University library as a facility that can be
used to provide easy access to library information. Android software offers features
found on a smartphone-like WiFi, 3 = 4 G networks, GPS, and the ability to run
additional applications. Android operating system as open source software can run
Linux Kernel program. At the beginning, developed by Android Inc., later bought
by Google’s software. Open source makes anyone can do in the running software
application development. Android service features at UMS library that can be used
include the OPAC, profile members, fines and charges, checkout and renewable,
purchase suggestion, as well as news and information. The survey on the satisfaction
and expectations of library services specifically pemustaka against android, pemustaka
give a pretty good assessment and satisfied with the service facilities android.
Keywords: android, features, satisfaction, expectations, quality of library services

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