Optimizing Reflective Practice Through Students’ Dialogue Video Recording to Improve Students’ Speaking Skill

Irene Femi Rahardiani, Dewi Rochsantiningsih, Endang Setyaningsih


This article describes an action research held at seventh grade students of a junior high school in Surakarta on the implementation of reflective practice through students’ dialogue video recording to improve students’ speaking skill. The research data are collected through observation, interview, questionnaire and speaking tests. The data are then analysed through the procedure of assembling, coding, comparing, building interpretations, and reporting the outcomes. The research findings point out that reflective practice through students’ dialogue video recording improves students’ speaking skill which including: 1) the students developed their vocabularies; 2) most of the students could pronounce in acceptable pronunciation; 3) many students could speak fluently without too many pauses or repetition; 4) students could correctly use the grammar and they could recognize the wrong and correct the grammar that had been taught. Besides, the students’ mean score also improves from 34 in pre-test, 45 in test 1 and 64.5 in post-test.


reflective practice; students’ dialogue; video recording; speaking skill; action research

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