An Error Analysis on The Students’ Writing of Recount Text

Tri Septiana Ningsih, Siswantoro Siswantoro, Martono Martono


The aims of this research are: (1) to find out the type of error of a recount text made by the eighth grade students of SMP N in Surakarta; (2) to find out the highest percentage of type of the students‟ errors; (3) to find out the causes of the students‟ errors. This research is descriptive. To collect the data, the researcher uses an essay test in the form of recount text composition made by the eighth grade students. The sample of the research is 24 students of class VIII A. To categorize the type of error, the researcher uses surface strategy taxonomy. The results of this research are: (1) there are four types of errors yielded by the students which are addition error (14.34%) , omission error (29.81%), misformation error (55.10%) and misordering error (0.75%); (2) the highest percentage of type of errors is misformation error with the percentage of (55.10%); (3) there are two causes of errors found from the students‟ writing which are interlingual error with the percentage of 58.49% and intralingual error (41.51%).


Error Analysis; Surface Strategy Taxonomy; Recount text

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