The Use of Round Table Technique to Improve Students’ Writing Skill

Neta Elisabeth Putri, Gunarso Susilohadi, Hefy Sulistyawati


The objective of this article is to report a study on how Round Table Technique is implemented effectively so that it can improve students’ writing skill. This study was an action research. The subject of the research was class X-7 students of SMA Negeri Kebakkramat in the academic year 2013/2014. The data were collected through observation, interview, diary, and test. The findings of the research show that when Round Table technique was used effectively, the teaching and learning process was described as: active learning, learner – centered, and the activities were taking turns to jot down phrases and group discussion. In order to implement Round Table technique effectively, there were some points to ponder to suit the students’ condition and need as follows: (1) determining students’ group, (2) classroom management, and (3) the adaptation to Round Table technique.


round table technique; writing skill; action research

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