Improving Students’ Speaking Skill Using Tgt (Teams-Game-Tournament)

Nurul Fajriya, Abdul Asib, Gunarso Susilohadi


This article is aimed at reporting the research findings of using TGT (Teams-Game-Tournament) to improve the students’ speaking skill. The subject of this research is the eighth grade of SMP N 1 Kartasura in the academic year of 2013/2014 which consisted of 32 students. The research method used is action research. Each cycle consists of four essential moments: planning, implementing the action, observing, and reflecting. The data are collected through observation, interview, field notes, questionnaire, and tests (pre-test ad post-test). The qualitative data were analyzed by reducing the data, displaying the data, and drawing conclusion/verifying. While the quantitative data were analyzed through descriptive statistics by calculating and then comparing the mean scores of pre-test and post-test. The research findings prove that using TGT can improve the students’ speaking skill. The students’ mean score increases from pre-test of 4.4 to post-test 1 of 5.9, and post-test 2 of 6.8. Using TGT can improve the effectiveness of speaking activity in teaching and learning process as well. The students got more opportunities to practice speaking because the speaking activities were not dominated by the talkative students only.


students’ speaking skill; TGT (Teams-Games-Tournament)

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