Improving The Students’ Writing Skill by Using Picture

Arif Kartika, Joko Nurkamto, A. Handoko Pudjobroto


The objectives of this thesis are to describe whether picture improves students’ writing skill and to describe the classroom situation when picture is used in writing class. The method of the research was classroom action research.   The action research was conducted from January to April 2013 and was carried out in two cycles in 32 students of VIII A in SMPN 1 Jaten. The researcher collected the data using observation and questionnaire. After collecting the data, the researcher analyzed the data using qualitative and quantitative technique.  The research findings show that the using of picture could improve the students’ writing. It can be seen from the mean scores improvement of pre test, post test cycle 1 ,and post test cycle 2, were 51.62 for the pre-test, 68.00 for the post-test in cycle 1 and 78.31 for the post-test in cycle 2. The using of picture in teaching writing also could improve classroom situation in writing class.


writing; picture; classroom action research

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