Pengembangan CD Game Pembelajaran Kesehatan Reproduksi untuk Meningkatkan Kesadaran Gender Siswa

Iman Ahmad Ihsanuddin


Learning games is important to be used by teachers to make the learning process in the classroom more interesting. Teachers should be able to provide innovative, creative and interesting learning so that students can be motivated and impressed by the material presented. Reproductive health learning needs more intentions and effort to be successful. The use of appropriate learning media can positively help this problem. The purpose of this study is to develop reproductive health learning games to increase gender awareness of junior high school students. The development method used in this study is ADDIE. Analysis, Design, Development, Implementation, and Evaluation are used as stages in conducting research. Qualitative and quantitative descriptive methods are used as data analysis techniques. The results showed a significant improvement of students’ gender awareness from the pre-test with an average of 2.45 to 3.84 in the post-test. It can be interpreted that using learning games on reproductive health learning materials can increase gender awareness of junior high school students.


Learning games; Reproductive health; gender awareness

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