Analysis of Entrepreneurship in The Project for Strenghthening the Profile of Pancasila Students (P5) Activities

Siska Candra Dewi, Slamet Subiyantoro, Idam Ragil Widianto


This research focuses on the analysis of entrepreneurship in the Project for Strengthening the Profile of Pancasila Students (P5) activities in elementary schools. This research uses a qualitative approach with descriptive research type. The data used is the result of observation, interviews and documentation. The analysis was carried out by applying a descriptive qualitative interactive model approach through the steps of data collection, data condensation, data display, and conclusion: drawing/verifying. The research results show that 1) The planning stages carried out in P5 activities in the context of entrepreneurship are a) choosing a theme; b) elect a coordinator; c) form a team; d) determine the supervisory team; e) determine the topic; f) determine the implementation time; and 7) developing modules; 2) With the theme of entrepreneurship, P5 can improve the entrepreneurial spirit because students are taught to make products that have selling value. Through entrepreneurial activities, students become embedded with an independent, creative, innovative, big-hearted spirit, and can explore the potential around them; and 3) Evaluation of P5 activities in the context of entrepreneurship paying attention to input and process aspects that focus on strategic planning, scheduling, process assessment, budgeting and active participation of school residents, especially teachers and students


Entrepreneurship, The Project for Strengthening the Profile of Pancasila Student (P5), elementary schools

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