Technology Innovation of Small And Medium Enterprises: A Literature Review Assisted With NVivo 12 Pro

Helmi Abidin, Agus Hermawan, Naswan Suharsono


This research aimed to explore the technological innovation trends among SMEs in various countries. Data was obtained by searching literature from metadata on the Scopus website from 2020 to 2023. The literature obtained was then selected using the Prisma method based on the researcher's needs, and analyzed qualitatively and mapped with the help of NVivo 12 Pro. The study's results, based on the country of research location, obtained results of innovation in the technology field for SMEs from Indonesia. The best journals with publications quite popular for researchers in the SMEs field are the Journal of Business Research (Q1) and Cogent Business & Management (Q2). Innovation in marketing or advertising is the most dominant, and research will occur in 2022 and 2023. Trends in the use of technology in MSMEs from the results of the literature review include financial systems, exports, transactions, quality management, supply chain management, financial technology, marketing, and production. The literature review results that still need to occur more regarding technological innovation for SMEs are technological innovation at the management or organizational scale.


SMEs, the technological innovation; NVivo 12 Pro

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