Development of Ethnomathematics-Based Teaching Materials for Elementary Students

Azamul Fadhly Noor Muhammad, Noer Intan Novitasari


Teaching material is a collection of material and images compiled by the teacher. Learning mathematics in elementary school (SD) really needs to provide content between mathematics in the daily world of students based on local culture with school mathematics. One of the innovative mathematics learning in elementary school can be done by linking the material with culture or ethnomatematics. Ethnomatematics-based teaching materials in elementary schools can be defined as a collection of special elementary materials compiled by teachers in facilitating the process of learning mathematics in class related to culture, either in the form or form that is often encountered by students. The advantages of teaching materials consist of: 1) Study From Anywhere, Anytime; 2) No Commuting; 3) Flexibility to Choose. While the shortcomings of teaching materials consist of: 1) High Chances of Distraction in the Class; 2) No Social Interaction; 3) Takes A Lot of Time and Money. The research method used is the Library Study (Library Research). The data analysis technique used in this study is the Content Analysis method.


Teaching Material, Ethnomathematics, Matematics for Elementary School

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