Perancangan Sistem Kearsipan di Bagian Tata Usaha Jurusan Teknik Industri Universitas Sebelas Maret Surakarta

Irwan Iftadi, Bellinda Ratih Puspasari, Yuniaristanto -


This study consists of three stages. The first stage is to identify the current condition of archival records systems and mapped into the business process. The requirements of current system are analyzed by considering the identification of current system. The requirements of the system will be used as a reference of the new system development. System improvements can be conducted by analyzing business processes then make improvements by using the Business Process Improvement (BPI). The archival records design is conducted by preparing the classification of records, designing the retention schedules, improving the arrangement of order in filing cabinet, and calculating the cost of the system. The result of this study is the index list of records that is stored in filing cabinet by using the combination classification of filing system, consist of subject filing system, alphabetical filing system, and chronological filing system. The design of archival records system is feasible to be developed in the administration after analyzed by using the benefit-cost ratio (BCR) analysis. By implementing the system, the time required to search 20 records decrease 39.25% prior to implementation.


archive; records; filing system; business process improvement; retention schedule; benefit-cost ratio.

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