A Neighborhood Search for Sequence-dependent Setup Time in Flow Shop Fabrics Making of Textile Industry

Atin Sumihartati, Totong -, Bobby Kurniawan


This paper proposes a neighborhood search to solve scheduling for fabrics making in a textile industry. The production process consists of three production stages from spinning, weaving, and dyeing. All stages have one processor. Setup time between two consecutive jobs with different color is considered. This paper also proposes attribute’s decomposition of a single job to classify available jobs to be processed and to consider setup time between two consecutive jobs. Neighborhood search (NS) algorithm is proposed in which the permutation of set of jobs with same attribute and the permutation among set of jobs is conducted. Solution obtained from neighborhood search, which might be trapped in local solution, then is compared with other known optimal methods.


flow shop; neighborhood search; sequence-dependent setup time; textile industry.

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