Analisis dan Desain Aplikasi Web dan Mobile Supply Chain Management untuk Mendukung Distribusi Komoditas Padi Paska-Panen

Didiek Sri Wiyono


From the supply chain management (SCM) perspective, the low level of information accessibility to rice commodities availability has been one of the major postharvest distribution-related problems. This issue potentially cause delay in delivery, product scarcity and eventually financial loss for stakeholders. Previous studies concerned more with web and mobile applications for distribution of production means applicable for pre-harvest stage. This study focuses on the development of modest web and mobile SCM applications for distribution of post-harvest rice commodities. The characteristics of these applications are capable of addressing problems faced by those involved in such product delivery system. Web application was designed using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) through Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) towards a service at Uniform Resource Locator (URL). Mobile application was designed using Java 2 Micro Edition (J2ME) to build a smart client loaded onto handphone. Comparison of system simulation on sofware requirement specification (SRS), use case diagram was presented in tabular form enabling users for need adjustment. Output of this research included user interface model and application prototype introduced to client and user to obtain feedback. The tabular SRS measure using use case showed on average a degree of appropriateness of 92%. User satisfaction level averaged 4.345 (out of 5) suggesting a good performance of the designed applications. Utilizing internet and handphone technology, the application models have fulfilled theoretical requirements and have adequately responded problems relating to the poor information accessibility in an SCM-based, postharvest rice distribution system, hence are worthy of being called as a modest web and mobile SCM.


information accessibility; application analysis and development; distribution of post-harvest rice commodities; web-SCM; mobile-SCM

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