Analisa Perilaku Konsumen terhadap Merek Deterjen dengan Markov Chain dan Biplot (Studi Kasus: Sartika Swalayan, Jl. Sukowati, Gemolong - Sragen)

Hafidh Munawir, Siti Nandiroh, Reza Latif Romadhona


Sartika Swalayan as one of the supermarket and place for the detergent product market has an important role in meeting the needs and desires of consumers, so consumers are satisfied using the detergent product. Therefore, Sartika Supermarkets must do a good marketing strategy and know the products it sells, including the sale of detergent products. To know and analyze the detergent product sales next period can use markov chain analysis, while for consumers to know that many groups use a certain brand of detergent to use biplot analysis is to find out more attributes prioritized by most consumers in choosing a particular brand of detergent. From the research results can be seen that brand switching and the highest sales for October and November are held by Rinso detergent brand that is equal to 26%, 24%, 25% as compared to other brands of detergent such as So-klin (22%, 19%, 17% ), Surf (14%, 17%, 15%), Daia (11%, 10%, 8%), Attack (20%, 21%, 31%), B-29 (4%, 5%, 2% ) and other brand (3%, 4%, 2%), so that the detergent is widely used by consumers are brand Rinso Sartika Supermarkets. Pricing and content of detergents is the first ranking into consideration the consumer into buying detergent.


brand switching; biplot; markov chain

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