Penentuan Rute Menuju Unit Gawat Darurat (Studi kasus: Kota Surakarta)

Budi Sucoko, Yusuf Priyandari, Eko Liquiddanu


Emergency handling involves two main components, pre hospitals and hospital phase. One of the pre hospital phases is a mobilization (transportation) of patients to an emergency or intensive care unit (ICU) location. The mobilization system is usually begun with a selection of the nearest referral ICU location. This study developed an approach to select and generate a route to an ICU based on minimum travel time estimation. The travel time estimation considered the mileage, road conditions, and crowd of road. The route is generated by geographical information systems application and it is represented in a website which can be accessed by a cellular phone


route to the nearest referral ICU location; travel time; geographical information systems

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