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VPS Hosting Reviews and Promo Codes

by Web Hosting (2020-08-25)

What Does VPS Stand For?
As you learned in the introduction, VPS stands for Virtual Private Server. This kind of server environment operates similarly to a dedicated server. However, instead of a single physical server, you’re sharing multiple physical servers, which are linked together through virtualization technologies.

You can think of VPS like a cross between a shared server and a dedicated server. You’re sharing a physical server with other website owners, but it’s divided up in a way so there are multiple virtual dedicated servers present, hence the “virtual” aspect of VPS.

What is VPS Hosting?
If you have asked yourself “What is VPS hosting?”, this section will provide you with an in-depth look at this hosting service. VPS hosting is a step up from basic shared hosting. When you’re just getting started online, shared hosting will probably be the form of hosting you start with. With shared hosting, you have a single physical server which is then divided up between multiple different user accounts. In this scenario, you’re splitting physical server resources, which helps to keep costs low.

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On a basic level, VPS hosting has a similar setup. When you sign up for VPS hosting you have a guaranteed amount of server resources allocated to you, but you’re still sharing space on a physical server with other users.