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Boost WiFi signal

by jassy sisy (2020-08-07)

Boost WiFi signal

A wireless modem usually has a range of 30 meters. Many reasons can lower the range and lower the signal. The occurrence of interference is possible due to the following factors: metal, thick walls, signals from other devices that use wireless frequencies (mobile phones, microwave ovens). Here are some simple ways to strengthen your WiFi signal.

 9 Ways to Strengthen the WiFi Router Signal with Your Own Hands1. Minimize the use of 2.4GHz devices

Most often, household appliances interfere: Cordless phones, microwave ovens, security systems, TV remote control. You will have to replace devices or disconnect them when using wifi. To check which device is interfering with our network traffic, you can turn off the devices one by one and look at the signal strength. In this case, we will roughly know what is stopping us.

Access limited

2. Move your router

Sometimes the solution is very simple. You just need to find the highest and most comfortable point for the modem.

  • Choose a high point on your modem to enhance the effective broadcast range. The higher the better.
  • Try placing it in the center of your living space for more coverage. In the center and high.
  • Bring your devices closer to the network if possible.
  • Find a place where the neighbor's wifi does not catch well, try to place the modem at that point.
  • Move away from any metal: iron shelves, boxes, and the like. (If you use a laptop for example)
  • Move away from radiotelephones, microwave ovens.
  • Try to apply all of the above points into one.
3. Change the broadcast mode of the router

Select the new 802.11 N standard in the modem settings, if supported. 802.11 N offers much greater range and signal strength than 802.11 a / b / g devices. ( Setting up the HG532e huawei modem with hidden functions . To have the function of changing the broadcast 802.11N, you need to log in with super admin rights.)

Broadcasting network

4. Switch the router channel to free

Modems operate on channels 1 to 11. Changing the channel will allow the router to create a clear signal between other wireless devices. To test in the room on which channel the wifi network is located, you can use the Acrylic program  :

  1. Our network.
  2. On which channel is the 802.11-n broadcast mode.
  3. Pink is our channel 10 coverage.
  4. We see that two networks (pink, blue) are on the same channel 1, they interfere with each other.
  5. You can check the rating status of the setting.

What do we have? Exactly that two wifi networks of my neighbors are on the same channel, thereby interfering with each other. Choose a channel with fewer wifi networks connected or not connected at all.

Acrylic WiFi

5. Strengthen the transmission power of the router

Read the manual on the likelihood of the xmit option, the power of your modem: the amount of power it uses to transmit a signal. You can boost this number to 45 (mW). Be aware that you run the risk of overheating or damaging your router.

An example of two modems. Look for the Transmit power setting and boost it. In the first picture, select High . On the second, set the maximum value to 20 .

Transmit powerHg532e

6. Change the standard antenna of the router

Find another antenna from the old router if it is more powerful and replace it, which will provide more power. Not all routers allow you to unscrew the usual antenna. It is attached su-integrally, many do as in the video.

antenna router

7. Make a directed wave of wi-fi

Direct your wifi network not 360 degrees, but less, thereby the rest of the waves will be reflected and directed in one direction, which will have a small effect. Cut from beer cans like the picture. Best suited when you need to connect two routers operating in wds mode, repeater. You must understand that wifi will not work well behind a closed part of the jar. This way, how to give a larger targeting wave ratio.

Boost WiFi signal

8. Install repeater

They also call it "Repeater". Expands the network of the received signal. The repeater takes the signal from the modem and amplifies it to increase the range. Sold as a box that needs to be plugged into an outlet after a quick setup. Many routers have a "Repeater" option.

Repeater9. Installing the wifi amplifier (Booster)

Hook up an amplifier called a superboost wifi booster, specifically to the modem. A booster is better than a repeater. The repeater enhances only the strength of the signal, and not the strength of the range, which cannot be said about the booster. Use a bi-directional "Booster" to increase speed.