Siti Alfiatur Rohmaniah, Novita Eka Chandra


Abstract:Factors that affect a person's risk of death are divided into two, namely underwriting factor and frailty factor. Underwriting factor is an observed factor, including age, occupation, history of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, obesity, and etc. In contrast, frailty is a factor that cannot be observed, including a person's vulnerability of death. This study aims to determine the effect of frailty on mortality modeling. The modeling used is in the form of mortality model with underwriting factor using Generalized Linear Models method, and mortality model with underwriting factor using generalized linear models, and frailty factor using Generalized Linear Mixed Models method. The data in this research are longitudinal data related to underwriting factor that have binomial distribution which is taken from Health and retirement study and processed using R software. After comparing the two models, it can be concluded that frailty has an effect on mortality modeling.

Keywords: underwriting, frailty, Generalized Linear Mixed Models.



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