A Study on the Effects of Selected Micronutrients, Locations, and Their Interaction on Cassava Yield Based on the Two-Way ANOVA Model with Interaction

Emmanuel W. Okereke, T M Pokalas, B C Ufondu


The paper investigated the effects of fertilizer (Zinc, Iron and Manganese), location of farm land and their interaction on cassava yield. The secondary data used for the study were collected from the National Cereal Research Institute of Nigeria Outstanding Farm, Nung Udo, Uyo, Akwa Ibom State. The data comprised of cassava yield (Hectares) for 2016 planting season, five separate farms where three types of fertilizer were applied. The two-way analysis of variance (ANOVA) technique with interaction was used in the analysis of the data. Furthermore, the Tukey HSD test was conducted to compare the treatment means. The result of the study showed that there is significant mean difference in the yield of cassava based on the three types of fertilizer applied. On the basis of farm locations, the result shows that there is no significant mean difference in cassava yield while the interaction between fertilizer and farm location affects cassava yield significantly at 5% level of significance.

Keywords: two-way analysis of variance with interaction; Tukey test; fertilizer; cassava yield; farm location

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