Penerapan Metode Limited-Fluctuation Credibility dalam Menentukan Premi Murni pada Asuransi Kendaraan Bermotor di PT XYZ

Mira Zakiah Rahmah, Aceng Komarudin Mutaqin


Abstract. This paper discusses the method of limited-fluctuation credibility, also known as classic credibility. Credibility theory is a technique for predicting future premium rates based on past experience data. Limited fluctuation credibility consists of two credibility, namely full credibility if Z = 1 and partial credibility if Z <1. Full credibility is achieved if the amount of recent data is sufficient for prediction, whereas if the latest data is insufficient then the partial credibility approach is used. Calculations for full and partial credibility standards are used for loss measures such as frequency of claims, size of claims, aggregate losses and net premiums. The data used in this paper is secondary data recorded by the company PT. XYZ in 2014. This data contains data on the frequency of claims and the size of the policyholder's partial loss claims for motor vehicle insurance products category 4 areas 1. Based on the results of the application, the prediction of pure premiums for 2015 cannot be fully based on insurance data for 2014 because the credibility factor value is less than 1. So based on the limited-fluctuation credibility method, the prediction of pure premiums for 2015 must be based on manual values for pure premiums as well as insurance data for 2014. If manual values for pure premium is 2,000,000 rupiah, then the prediction of pure premium for 2015 is 1,849,342 rupiah.

Keywords: limited fluctuation credibility, full credibility, partial credibility and partial loss

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