Aplikasi Model Cox Proportional Hazard pada Pasien Stroke RSD Balung Kabupaten Jember

Tutik Qomaria, Mohamad Fatekurohman, Dian Anggraeni


According to the World Health Organization (WHO) cardiovascular disease is a disease caused by impaired heart and blood vessel function. There are many types of cardiovascular disease, but the most common and most well-known are coronary heart disease and stroke. Stroke is a syndrome characterized by symptoms and / or rapidly developing clinical signs in the form of focal and global brain functional disorders lasting more than 24 hours (unless there are surgical interventions or bringing death), which are not caused by other causes besides vascular causes. The number of stroke patients in Indonesia in 2013 based on the diagnosis of health personnel (Nakes) was 1.236.825 (7,0%), while based on the diagnosis of symptoms was 2.137.941 (12,1%). In this study the factors that can affect the survival of stroke sufferers were analyzed using the Cox proportional hazard regression model, the dependent variable was the length of time the patient was treated and the independent variables were gender, age, hypertension status, cholesterol status, Diabetes Militus (DM) status, stroke type, and Body Mass Index (BMI). The result showed that age, DM status, and type of stroke were the most influential factors on the survival of stroke patients at Balung Regional Hospital.

Keywords : stroke disease, survival analysis, Cox proportional hazard model

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