Moral Values Analysis in “When English Rings a Bell for Grade VII”

Karmila Widyaningrum, Martono Martono, Hasan Zainnuri


This study presents the analysis of moral values in an Indonesian EFL Textbook “When English Rings a Bell for Grade VII”. The moral values used in this study are proposed by The Ministry of Education and Culture  of Indonesia, which consist of five core values namely religiousity, nationalism, independence, helping each other, and integrity. The objectives of this study are to find out (1) how the moral values are represented in the EFL textbook and (2) how those moral values are integrated in the EFL textbook. Content analysis with qualitative approach was  done to explore the moral values which are represented in the textbook. The results of this study shows that (1) the EFL textbook contains all of five core values in its content and (2) the values represented in the EFL textbook are mostly integrated implicitly rather than explicitly.


content analysis; EFL textbook; five core values; moral values

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