Yohana Irma Yanti, Martono Martono, Teguh Sarosa


This article aims to discuss first, the situation when the Information
Gap Activities is applied to the class in teaching listening, and, second,
whether Information Gap Activities can improves students’ listening ability.
The Classroom Action Research was conducted in May 2013 with the students
of X Administration 1 of SMKN 1 Banyudono in the academic year 2012/2013
as the research subject. The qualitative data were obtained by questionnaires,
interviews, observations and photographs taken during the learning process,
while the quantitative data were obtained by conducting a pretest and post test.
The result shows that: (1) the students can determine the appropriate statement
about the location based on the image; (2) the students can provide proper
questions and responses from the spoken text about a location; (3) the students
can find general or specific information of the spoken text; (4) the students can
understand the important words of the spoken text. The students become more
active because they felt pleasant atmosphere in the classroom when
Information Gap Activities is applied

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