Agustina Wulandari, A. Dahlan Rais, Ngadiso Ngadiso


This study aims to describe (1) the structure or arrangement of textbook; (2) how far the tasks in textbook develop the communicative task in CLT approach; and (3) types of CLT materials used in textbook. The method used in this study was descriptive method. The source of data of this study is the textbook for eighth grade of Junior High School, “English in Focus” written by Artono Wardiman, published by CV Putra Nugraha. The study used documentary analysis as the technique of collecting data. The steps in analyzing data are defining criteria, subjective analysis, objective analysis, and matching. The result of the study shows that: (1) this textbook corresponds to learner’s needs. It reflects the uses (present or future), takes account of students’ needs as learners and facilitates their learning processes, and this textbook has a clear role as a support for learning. (2) The percentage of communicative task is 43.75%. (3) The percentage of types of material in CLT is 74.95 %. It means that this textbook is recommended in teaching and learning supported with the other textbooks in order that the teacher can provide other supporting materials.


textbook; content analysis.

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