A Correlational Study Between Writing Interest, Vocabulary Mastery, and Writing Skill

Mahmud Al Habyby, Martono Martono, Teguh Sarosa


The study is aimed to find out the correlation between (1) writing interest;

(2)   vocabulary mastery; and (3) writing skill of the tenth grade students at one of state senior high school in Surakarta, both partially and simultaneously. This study used test and questionnaire to collect the data. For the test, there are three kinds of test, those are objective test, oral test, and essay test. The method used in this study is correlation study. The techniques used to analyze the data are single and multiple correlation and also regression by using SPSS 17. The results of the study show that in the level of significance a = 0.05 (1) there is a positive correlation between writing interest and writing skill (rx1y = 0.680 >rt = 0.339);(2) there is a positive correlation between vocabulary mastery and writing skill (rx2y = 0.846 >rt = 0.339);and (3) there is a positive correlation between writing interest and vocabulary mastery simultaneously and writing skill (Ry12 is 0.889 and Fo = 58.692 > Ft = 3.32). The positive correlation indicates that writing interest and vocabulary mastery tend to go up or to go down together with student’s writing skill.


writing interest, vocabulary mastery, writing skill

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