Using Picture Series to Enhance Students’ Speaking Fluency

Harta Diba Agdhila, Sujoko Sujoko, Endang Setyaningsih


The objectives of the research are: (1) to find out whether or not picture series can improve students’ speaking fluency; (2) to describe the classroom situation when picture series is applied in teaching speaking. The subject of the research is the students of class X.8 of Senior High School. The research data were collected through observation, interview, field notes, document analysis, photographs, and tests including pre-test and post test. The qualitative data were analyzed by assembling the data, coding the data, comparing the data, building interpretation, and reporting the outcomes. Meanwhile, the quantitative data were analyzed by comparing the mean scores of the pre-test and the post test. The research findings show that Picture Series could improve: (1) students’ speaking fluency and (2) classroom situation of English class. The improvement of students’ speaking fluency can be seen from students’ mean score increased from 60.81 in pre-test into 73.78 in post-test 1 and it improves to 82.97 in post-test 2. The description of classroom situation includes :(a) The students looked very interested and enthusiastic to join the speaking class and (b) the students were more active during teaching learning process.


speaking fluency; picture series

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