Improving Students’ Writing Skill by Using Guided Writing

Sri Risqi, Dahlan Rais, Teguh Sarosa


The objectives of this classroom action research are: (1) to identify whether guided writing can improve the students‟ writing skill; (2) to identify the improvement of classroom situation in using guided writing when teaching and learning process. The research data were collected by using techniques of interview, observation, and tests (pre-test and post-test. The qualitative data were analysed by using assembling, coding, comparing the data, building interpretation, and reporting outcomes. Then, the quantitative data were analysed by using descriptive statistics method. The research findings show that guided writing technique can improve the students‟ writing skill and the classroom situation. It can improve the students‟ writing skill in five aspects including content, organization, vocabulary, language use, and mechanics. The classroom situation shows that the students are more active in participation, attention, interaction, and suggestion in writing class.



guided writing, writing skill, classroom situation

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