A Study On Frustration in Fantine on Les Miserables Novel By Victor Hugo: Psychological Approach and Its Implementation

Amrita Titaranti, Siswantoro Siswantoro, Dewi Rochsantiningsih


Novel has its own richness which is worth exploring. It has many kinds of subject discussions. The subject of frustration is chosen based on Fantine, the most influential woman character in this novel. From her life, frustration as a psychological effect appears. The discussion is not only in literary discussion, but it is also used as teaching material as the tool to complete the need of literary teaching among senior high school students. The data consist of every sentence or conversation which reveal Fantine’s thought, feeling, or behavior. They are collected by reading the novel empirically and analyzed by using flow model by Miles and Huberman (1994). The findings of the study show that (a) Fantine’s evidences of frustration are anxiety, anger and aggression, apathy and depression, cognitive trouble, health disruption, and physical appearance. (b) Fantine’s causes of frustration are unpredictable incident, uncontrolled incident, incident which challenges human limitation, and internal conflict. (c) Fantine’s defense mechanisms are suppression, formed reaction, displacement, and denial. (d) And then summarize of Fantine’s story is used as teaching reading material by putting it in lesson plan which uses curriculum 2013.


frustration; psychological; teaching material

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