Improving The Students’ Participation in Speaking by Using Teams Games Tournament

Intan I. P., Dewi Sri Wahyuni


This study is conducted based on the situation of the tenth-grade students of one of state schools in Surakarta which found by the researcher in the classroom. They are: 1) Students do not focus on giving attention to the lesson. 2) They do not give response to the teacher’s questions and they rarely asked questions. 3) Most of them are afraid to share ideas or give an opinion to the lesson. 4) They do not actively participate in a group discussion. Their speaking score result is still low and under the standard passing grade. All problems found by the researcher shows that the students’ participation is low and it has an impact on their participation in speaking. This research tries to use Teams Games Tournament to improve students’ participation in speaking. This study use classroom action research in implementing TGT. This research finds out that the students’ participation in speaking improved after the implementation of Teams Games Tournament in the classroom. 


speaking; participation; Teams-Games-Tournament; classroom action research

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