The Use of the Hypercontent Module in Audio Media Development Courses

Nurhikmah H, Husriadi Husriadi, Abdul Hakim


For independent study, students require teaching materials in the form of modules. Combining virtual, independent, and collaborative learning spaces allows for successful usage of the hypercontent-based modules. This research was conducted to develop a hypercontent module to overcome learning difficulties independently and limited learning resources in audio hypercontent media courses, containing not only text but also visualizations in the form of images, animations, videos, and audio. The concept of linking to this hypercontent module is also not limited to connecting one learning resource to another. However, this linking concept can also be used in course evaluation devices. The development was carried out using the Research and Development method, focused on developing modules based on hypercontent. The development model employed was proposed by S. Thiagarajan et al. (4-D model), which was modified into a 3-D model: defining, designing, and developing. This research was conducted at the Educational Technology Study Program, Faculty of Education, with 38 students, two experts, and one lecturer as research subjects. The validity test was performed by a content/material expert and a media expert. A percentage of 98% was obtained, indicating that in the practicality test, the hypercontent module was in the very practical category. Furthermore, in measuring the effectiveness level, the pre-test and post-test results showed that the hypercontent module was within sufficient criteria. Based on the research results, it can be concluded that the hypercontent module was feasible for use in the learning process in the Audio Media Development Course in the Educational Technology Study Program, Faculty of Education.


Hypercontent; teaching materials; audio media; development; learning resources

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