Persepsi Mahasiswa dan Instruktur tentang Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) Instrukstur Bahasa Inggris di Indonesia

Badi'atul Azmina, Mar’atus Solihah


In recent years, the development of ICT inevitably influences the teaching and learning process. The instructor should be able to integrate Technological Pedagogical Content Knowledge (TPACK) in the classroom. Hence, few studies investigate perceptions of university students and self-perceptions of English instructor’s TPACK, especially in Indonesia. The primary purpose of this study was to find out university students’ perceptions of English Course Instructor’s TPACK, Instructor’s self-perceptions of TPACK, and whether they shared the same perceptions or not. This study was qualitative research in one of the universities in Indonesia. The data collecting techniques were a questionnaire, interviews, and document analysis. This study adopted Jang & Chang questionnaire of TPACK perceptions. The results revealed that university students had a positive response toward the instructor’ TPACK. Similarly, instructor’s self-perceptions also showed that instructor confidently declared that she knew well about the content of the teaching, and the right pedagogy used to deliver the content well. They shared the same perceptions of the English course instructor’s TPACK in Subject Matter Knowledge (SMK) and Instructional Representation & Strategies (IRS). However, they had different perceptions of Technology Integration and Application (TIA). The research implications of this study were as assessment examples of instruction of TPACK by university students and self-perceptions.


Instructor; Perceptions; Self-perception; TPACK; University Students

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