Kualitas Sistem Pembelajaran Pengajar Tahsin dan Tahfizh di Organisasi Startup Pengajar Diponegoro Yogyakarta

Sigit Yuli Pramono


This type of research was field research, which used qualitative description in order to know the quality of the instructors of tahsin and tahfiz learning system in the Pengajar Diponegoro startup organization Yogyakarta. Method used is qualitative method with interview technique and documentation. interview data collection technique was obtained through data triangulation, namely: official responses, teacher and client about quality of the instructors learning system of tahsin and tahfiz in the Pengajar Diponegoro startup. The results showed that the Pengajar Diponegoro startup organization Yogyakarta has concern about quality of the instructor learning system of tahsin and tahfiz. This has proven some result including: (1) official has prepared e-learning website including learning implementation plan and learning resource, (2) implementation of quality of learning system had made better through the official development team learning, through the planning process, (3) evaluation of quality of
learning system must be done to improve the quality of the learning process adjusted to the objectives of planning and implementation, (4) the quality standard of learning system has already fulfilled the better result, (5) from the characteristic of view, the total quality management has already fulfilled the characteristics.


System Quality; Teacher Learning; Startup Learning; Quality Standards

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