SCOPUS Secondary Documents

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  3. Muatan titik nol berbagai bahan organik, pengaruhnya terhadap kapasitas tukar kation di lahan terdegradasi cited by Identification of organic hydrogel characteristics as a soil conditioner on physio-chemical inceptisols
  4. Evaluation "appropriatness of some kinds of plant" in the system of agroforestry cited by Developing a hybrid solar/wind powered drip irrigation system for dragon fruit yield (IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science)
  5. The analysis of agricultural land use in protected areas Watershed Samin for landslide and flood disaster mitigation cited by The land biophysical degradation and community traumatic condition due to the periodic flooding in Miu Watershed Central Sulawesi, Indonesia (Journal of Food, Agriculture and Environment)
  6. Penggunaan Ekstrak Teh dan Pupuk Kascing pada Budidaya Caisim (Brassica juncea L.)  cited by Evaluation of physiological characteristics of curcuma (Curcuma xanthorhizha Roxb.) on various intercropping patterns with soybean [Gglycine max (L.) Merrill] (International Journal of Plant Biology)
  7. The effect of soil sterilization methods on nutrient status, population of microbiota, potential infectivity of mycorrhiza and plant growth (In Bahasa Indonesia)  cited by Study of potassium solubilizing bacteria from limestone mining area in Palimanan, Cirebon Quarry (Malaysian Journal of Microbiology vol 12 (1))
  8. Pengaruh macam dan dosis pupuk organik terhadap pertumbuhan dan hasil tanaman sambiloto (Andrographis Paniculata Ness)  cited by Effect of manure and plants spacing on yield and flavonoid content of Elephantopus scaber L. (IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science)
  9. PENGARUH PEMBERIAN JERAMI PADI TERHADAP PELEPASAN FOSFAT TERJERAP PADA ANDISOL (Typic Hapludant) TAWANGMANGU DENGAN INDIKATOR TANAMAN JAGLJNG (Zea mays L.) cited by Soil Fertility Status, Nutrient Uptake, and Maize (Zea mays L.) Yield Following Organic Matters and P Fertilizer Application on Andisol (IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science)
  10. Potensi Emisi N2O dari Berbagai Jenis Tanah yang Diberi Bahan Oganik cited by Dynamics of N-NH4+, N-NO3-, and total soil nitrogen in paddy field with azolla and biochar (IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science)
  11. MAPPING OF SOIL DEGRADATION POTENCY IN PADDY FIELD WONOGIRI, INDONESIA cited by Soil degradation level under particular annual rainfall at Jenawi District- Karanganyar, Indonesia (IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science)
  12. Changes of P sorption on Ultisol due to addition of coal fly ash-chicken manure mixture cited by P use efficiency by corn (Zea mays L.) on ultisol due to application of coal fly ash-chicken manure mixture (Agrivita)
  13. EFEKTIVITAS BAKTERI PELARUT FOSFAT PADA BEBERAPA MACAM BAHAN PEMBAWA INOKULUM cited by The variable charge of andisols as affected by nanoparticles of rock phosphate and phosphate solubilizing bacteria (AIP Conference Proceedings)

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