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Rintik Sedu is an Indonesian writer's YouTube channel named Nadhifa Allya Tsana. As the content creator, Tsana masters Indonesian English and studies Korean self-taught. The mastery of the language causes code-mixing and code-switching found in Rintik Sedu YouTube channel’s videos. The study aimed to 1) identify the existing code-switching and code-mixing in Rintik Sedu YouTube channel’s video entitled “it means you’re growing”, 2) analyze the types of existing code-switching and code-mixing, and 3) describe the reason of code-switching and code-mixing used. The study used descriptive content analysis, which involved one of Rintik Sedu’s videos as a material to analyze. Some methods followed to collect the data, including searching the video, selecting and downloading the video, watching the video, transcribing the video’s audio, identifying the code-switching and code-mixing, and re-checking. The result found in this study are 1) Sixteen Indonesian Language-English code-switching data and fifteen Indonesian language-English code-mixing data. 2) The type of code-switching and code-mixing identified in Rintik Sedu’s video is external code-switching and outer code-mixing. 3)  There are eight reasons for code-switching and code-mixing used.


sociolinguistics; code-switching; code-mixing; YouTube; Rintik Sedu

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