Analisis Pengendalian Persediaan Spare Part Mesin Produksi di PT. Prima Sejati Sejahtera dengan Metode Continuous Review

Endah Budiningsih, Wakhid Ahmad Jauhari


PT. Prima Sejati Sejahtera as one of the subsidiaries of PT. Pan Brothers Tbk. which is engaged in garment production. The company's mechanical department in managing spare part inventory is still using intuitive method, where the number of spare part order for certain periods based on spare part demands data onto the previous period. The company’s mechanical department often stock out of spare parts. Spare part’s inventory management becomes a complex issue because of the need for fast response to handle the downtime of machines, and the risk of obsolescence of spare parts. So in this research will discuss about spare part inventory control which is started with spare parts grouping by using ABC analysis method to determine the appropriate inventory control method for each group. There are 23 spare parts which included in group A. The forecast of spare part’s demands to use Croston, Syntetos-Boylan Approximation (SBA) and Single Exponential Smoothing (SES). Comparison of each forecasting method will be determined by the value of forecasting errors (MAD). It is known that there are 12 spare parts with Croston method in the best forecasting method, 6 spare parts in Syntetos-Boylan Approximation (SBA) method and 5 spare parts with Single Exponential Smoothing (SES) method. Based on the best forecasting result, it will be calculated the value of safety stock (SS), reorder point (ROP) and the optimal number of ordering (Q) using Continuous Review method for each spare part.


Inventory; Continuous Review; Spare Part;

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