Analisis Du Pont untuk Menentukan Usulan pada Perusahaan Distribusi Alat Berat PT. XYZ

Cynthia Ayuningtyas, Eka Syafitri, Ferry Tri Susilo, Novita Hadiningrum, Wahyudi Sutopo


PT. XYZ is a company engaged in the distribution of heavy equipment and spare parts, and related services. Based on a preliminary prospectus in 2012, it is known that there are inefficiencies in the company's inventory. It increases the cost of inventory that can be allocated for the promotion. Further research is performed using the Du Pont analysis. This paper aims to determine the proposed improvements to the PT. XYZ. Du Pont analysis includes an analysis of the rate of equity, net profit margin and total assets turnover. Based on the analysis and discussion, it is known the value of ROE, NPM, and TAT of the company needs to be improved. NPM value of the company describes the effective use of corporate assets. While TAT measure the turnover rate of the company assets that include asset utilization efficiency and speed in the form of cash refunds.


du pont; rate of equity; net profit margin; total assets turnover; marketing

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