Perancangan Sistem Informasi untuk Mendukung Sistem Peringatan Dini suatu Manajemen Persediaan pada Perusahaan Grosir

Muh. Hisjam, Nuryanto -, Wahyudi Sutopo


In this paper, we concerned about improving inefficiences of the business processes at store room areagrocery products in a grocery company. Due to inefficiencies of the inventory management, it is necessary to improve them related with providing good information and data management. The main problem is miss information related with early warning system of lifetime products. They often have unsold inventory grocery products as impact of expired date. This journal analyzes a system to find out the need for system, then designs the system based on the system requirement obtained from the analysis. The information system of store room area grocery product is designed by using an object-oriented approach and UML modeling language to identify the actor, to make the system use case, to model the business process using the activity chart, to make interaction scheme using sequence diagram and to identify class. In the designing stage, this database and interface design is made. After database and interface design, the next stage is to make the program code by considering the use case and interaction diagrams that are made previously in modeling the object-oriented system. The result of this research consists of input constituting login form, product, suppliers, unit, category, action, location, and personnel data, addition, withdrawal, and action transactions, searching for product data, personnel data, location data and report input. Meanwhile the output constitutes withdrawal list, increment, product early earning reports approaching the expired date, product list, location list, personnel list, stock op name checklist, and the product master label. The outputs of the information system are reports and documents in monitor screen view and in printing. The validation showed that the information system designed can support the early warning system of expired date of grocery products in store room area.


information system; object oriented; early warning; inventory management, expired date

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