Perancangan Sistem Informasi Inventaris Dengan Pendekatan Object Oriented Di Multi Media Training Centre Yogyakarta

Muh. Hisyam, Irwan Iftadi, M. Nugroho Pradana


Multi Media Training Centre Yogyakarta (MMTC) is one of the education institution which have some resource which must be managed, among others are peralatan studio and sarana penunjang. Peralatan studio and sarana penunjang are loaned for the praktik of student and rented for the eksternal of MMTC. Therefore, system which is integrated are needed to yield the presentation of information and good data management. This Journal was analized the system to know requirement of system, then designed the system to design the inventories information system which required by a system. Information system design were using object oriented approach and use UML covering to identify the actor, making business process model using activity diagram, making use case diagram, making sequence diagram and identify the class. At phase of application design, were designed of database and interface. After design the database and interface, hence were made a program code by paying attention of use case diagram and interaction diagram which have been specified previously in the object oriented model from designed system. From result of design of inventories information system has got the inputs which is form for login, inventories data, rent expenses data, location data, merk data, lender data, condition data, unit data, maintenance schedule, maintenance action, searching lender data, searching inventories data, loaning transaction, rent transaction, return transaction, and input of loaning report. And the outputs are maintenance early warning, surat order, list of inventories report, list of lender report and list of loaning report. From the result of validation to function in application obtained that the function are valid and work well.


Information System; Inventory; Object Oriented; UML

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